ARROW AFRICA FOUNDATION delivers health care to the Africa’s poorest women and sexually minority communities and general communities in urban slums and rural areas places, partnering with local private health facilities to bring about global healthcare to disadvantage poor communities in Africa

Our Focus, Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be a catalyst of choice in healthcare participatory development in Africa.

Our mission

To accord equal opportunities to all members of the society within and outside the organization on healthcare matters.

Our Focus

Arrow Africa foundation focus to collaborates with partners around the world to provide care and strengthen the health systems in areas including general health and chronic disease, child health, emergency response, HIV/AIDS, maternal health and ant natal health, general reproductive and curative health, and tuberculosis in Africa.

ARROW AFRICA FOUNDATION (AAF), is a consciously a women’s and sexually minority human rights defenders registered in Kenya and. Operating as a virtual organisation in African continent, the organisation strategic presence in Africa’s five sub-regions- East Africa: Nairobi, Kenya; Kampala Uganda; North Africa: Cairo, Egypt; Central Africa: Burundi Cameroon; Southern Africa: Malawi; Botswana; and West Africa: Abuja, Nigeria; Republic Ethiopia.