1. Access to Justice among the immigrants
  2. Rehabilitation and Reforms
  3. Economic Empowerment
  4. Leadership and Governance
  5. Growth and Sustainability
  6. Health and Governance

Psychological support programme

Counselling services: this forms the core of ARROW AFRICA rehabilitative interventions. We specialize in the provision of counselling for victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and also provide family counselling. Diabetic advice, marital counselling (adolescents and parents / child relationship) and counselling people in training, which is usually done through:-

  • Counselling
  • Life skills
  • Child rights
  • Self defence techniques.

All these are geared towards sustaining the provision of effective psychological rehabilitative care. Social follow-ups: ARROW AFRICA psychological Support programme is nder the service social workers

  • Follow-up referred cases
  • Home based care
  • Link with social Development officers at stakeholders.

Legal Assistance: Is facilitated for the cases presented to ARROW AFRICA that need legal interventions e.g. rape cases and child violation. Clients are represented with legal assistance through partnership with local and national human rights groups engaged in charity.

Advocacy programme

ARROW AFRICA advocacy programme employs a combination of educational campaigns, networking and legal strategies to implement activities.

Advocacy activities includes:

  • Sensitisation/awareness talks
  • Lobbying
  • Collaboration especially with NGOs, CBOs, and government agencies
  • Production of radio and TV programme.
  • Establishment of Disability Rights Club for in and out of schools in areas of operation and training of club facilitators.
  • Dramas and fetes
  • Publication of network newsletter.

Training and research programmes

Research activities are done routinely  and are central to understanding and appreciating society’s knowledge attitudes, beliefs and values about social problems like child abuse, disability, a adolescent sexual abuse, child labor, defilement, discrimination, marginalization. Our research programmes forms the basis of our activities.

Our Coverage: ARROW AFRICA operates in East and Central Africa and its head office is in Nairobi Kenya.

Target Population

  • Children and adolescents in school and out of school
  • Vulnerable groups like youth, women and disabled.
  • Victims of human abuse
  • Government organs
  • Democratic institution
  • The elderly