People with Disabilities

  • People with disabilities are society’s most exposed and vulnerable group.
  • Most children with disabilities in Africa are also poor and they are therefore faced with the double jeopardy of being poor and disabled
  • They are most marginalised; they live on the fringes of society and are sometimes referred to as the “hidden” children.
  • They are therefore excluded from mainstream society with their most basic rights denied An example of the infringement on the rights of children with disabilities is the denial of their right to a formal basic education. According to the Department of Basic Education there are 236 000 children with disabilities in special schools and mainstream school. In contrast is it estimated that more than 400 000 children with disabilities of school going age are out of school. School buildings, curricula and methodologies of teaching are not sufficiently accessible to children with disabilisaties
  • Very few children with disabilities have access to a certified and formal early childhood development programme

Arrow Africa is helping people with disabilities by donating wheel chairs and basic needs to improve their lives.