Our Theory of Change

AAF’s approach is one of accompaniment; we work side-by-side with our Local partners and colleagues at the community, local health providers, and community advocacy levels to show what is possible in global health delivery. We take our best practices and conduct research to demonstrate our impact and to educate current and future leaders at the local, national, and East Africa levels. We are an organization that is diverse, nimble, and rises to the challenges we encounter with optimism, compassion, and tenacity.


We deliver high-quality health care where it does not exist—ensuring every person’s right and ability to survive and thrive. We fight and prevent diseases by treating the whole person.


We invest in clinical education for our staff and all kinds of health professionals, to improve patient care and strengthen health systems for the long term.


We advocate for national and global health policies that prioritize, rather than marginalize, the most vulnerable among us. We fight widespread bias and dogma with rigorous evidence-based results.


We support national governments and other private healthcare providers in partnership by sharing our approach to ensure equitable access to dignified quality health care. Through Arrow Africa foundation’s health care facilities standards of Global Health Equity and our referral hospitals system we prepare the next generation of social medicine practitioners and local health leaders.

Organize with Arrow Africa Foundation Engage

Health care is a human right. At AAF, this core belief drives everything we do from hospital bedsides to the streets. Join us in our fight. AAF Engage is how we organize local communities toward building a global movement for the right to health. We recruit, train, and equip dedicated teams of volunteer community organizers who mobilize their communities in the fight for health equity. With each campaign, petition, and event, we generate new resources, foster public discourse, and advocate for policies that advance the right to health worldwide.


We take action in solidarity with people around the Africa building a movement for the right to health, calling on legislators and leaders in  Africa countries to advance health care as a human right. Our advocacy team takes targeted political action to pressure the  Africa’s leaders to ensure health equity and access for all.

We meet with local and national government leaders private health providers to share lessons, stories, and results from AAF’s work around the Africa. We advocate for legislation that eliminates barriers to care and increases investment in health sector. And in doing so, we elevate the radical notion that people living in poverty deserve preferential access to high-quality health care.

ARROW AFRICA FOUNDATION (AAF), is a consciously a women’s and sexually minority human rights defenders registered in Kenya and. Operating as a virtual organisation in African continent, the organisation strategic presence in Africa’s five sub-regions- East Africa: Nairobi, Kenya; Kampala Uganda; North Africa: Cairo, Egypt; Central Africa: Burundi Cameroon; Southern Africa: Malawi; Botswana; and West Africa: Abuja, Nigeria; Republic Ethiopia.