Volunteer with us Online
We always welcome the help of volunteers both online and at our projects. Nabuur.com is an online volunteering platform that links Neighbours (online volunteers) with Villages (local communities) in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Connected through Nabuur.com, neighbours and local communities learn about each other, share ideas and find solutions to local issues. Everybody has something to offer, and everything is done online. Do you have a little spare time and the desire to make a difference? You can contribute via http://www.nabuur.com and find Arrow Web Hospital’s virtual village here: 


Volunteers are also always needed to help with the following; 

Community Outreach
Develops methods and opportunities to spread the message of Arrow Africa, educate the community and elicit their active support. Recognizing the need for mobile clinic services and enhancing relationships with the community, Arrow Africa staff members and volunteers, will develop and implement strategies to maximize community involvement and formalize partnerships between the community and healthcare workers on the ground both locally and nationally.

Event Planning
Deals specifically with planning and implementing events that will enhance our image, promote our message, and invite participation of others. This group will be responsible for developing an on-going calendar of events and will explore ways to involve the local and national community.

Assists in addressing the financial needs for Arrow Africa through the design and implementation of fundraising activities both in our local communities and nationally. This is a critical undertaking and impacts directly on our ability to build capacity and respond to the needs of the local communities.

Focuses on acquiring much of the medical supplies and material needed to support healthcare providers and respond to requests for assistance. There is an overwhelming need to involve as many as possible in this effort.

Engages in research to help the organization identify resources and strategic partnerships that support the mission of organizations and ongoing sustainability.
If you would like to inquire about current volunteer opportunities please e-mail info@arrowafrica.org with “Volunteer” in the subject heading. Please include your full contact information, professional background and what type of opportunity you are interested in.