Welcome to Africa Realization Regional Out Watch (ARROW AFRICA)

A better community in which basic health, education and empowerment to every member is realized.

The path to justice for survivors of  forced immigrants and gender-based violence in Africa is both long and difficult and, as a result the victims remain silent about their experiences.

This programme seeks to interrupt poverty cycles and the dependency of underprivileged communities in Africa by facilitating access to economic empowerment opportunities that will enable them to initiate and run Income Generating Activities.

This programme seeks to  contribute to the significant increase and  meaningful  participation of women in governance and leadership positions through public sensitization, community mobilization, smart networks, innovative use of ICT platforms and media advocacy.

With these, the project will be able to address the barriers of service of utilization at health and reproductive facilities by women and girls.

Arrow Africa is a child friendly Organization


The United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) declares that every child has the right to enjoy childhood. Although most countries (including Kenya) have ratified the UNCRC, not many countries enforce it and many of the world’s children end up being exploited, abused and do not enjoy childhood. We have a common commitment to the prevention of any form of abuse, provision of shelter, education for the development and protection of children and young people (CYP). 

This policy sets our common values, principles and belief and describes the steps that will be taken in meeting our commitments to safeguard children and young people. 

This Policy contains our commitment to protect children:- 

Arrow Africa values, principles and beliefs 

  • All children and young people (CYP) in distress and abandonment are having their rights violated.
  • All CYP have equal rights to protection from abuse and exploitation.
  • The situation of CYP must be improved through promotion of their rights as set out in the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child.
  • CYP abuse and exploitation is not acceptable
  • We need to commit to protect children with / for whom we work.
  • When we work through partners they have a responsibility to meet minimum standards of protection for children in their programs.

ARROW AFRICA will meet our commitment to protect children from any form of abuse, exploitation through the following means:- 


We will ensure that staff, children, committee and stakeholders are oriented of the problems of abuse and risks to CYP. Necessary training and resource materials will be provided for this purpose. 


We will ensure through awareness and good practice that staff, children committees and stakeholders are able to bring down risks and vulnerabilities to CYP.  Emphasis will also be placed on acquiring life skills for CYP.


We will ensure that staff, children, committee and stakeholders are clear what steps to take where concerns arise regarding the safety of children. Especially using social media tools and free short message services.


We will ensure that action taken is to support, protect CYP and is in the “ best interest of the child”. 

In order that the above standards of reporting and responding are met, Arrow Africa will also ensure that they:- 

  • Take seriously any concerns raised
  • Take positive steps to ensure the protection of CYP who are the subjects of any concerns.
  • Support children, staff or other adults who raise concerns or who are the subjects of concerns.
  • Act appropriately and effectively in instigating or cooperating with any subsequent process of investigation
  • Are guided through the child protection and participation process by the principle of the “child’s best interest”.
  • Listen to and take seriously the views and wishes of CYP
  • Work in partnership with parents / care givers and / or other professionals to ensure the protection of CYP.

How Arrow Africa will achieve its commitments to CYP

All Arrow Africa staff (local and international) and trustees will sign and abide by the Code of conduct

  • All partners will sign abide by the code of conduct
  • All staff, visitors and volunteers will have access to a copy of the child protection policy
  • The Child Protection Policy will be translated in the local languages.
  • The staff, volunteers, trustees and stakeholders will have no criminal record associated with Arrow Africa
  • Recruitment procedure will include checks and suitability for working with young people
  • Induction will include briefing on child protection issues.
  • Once reported allegations will be dealt with using the established system
  • If a staff, trustee, volunteer or visitor is found to be an abuser, he/she will be removed from the projects immediately and criminal proceedings followed if the abuse constitutes a criminal offense.
  • Training, learning opportunities and support will be provided by Arrow Africa to ensure commitments are met.


ARROW AFRICA is an international NGO, development organization with the tenets of empowerment and guided by the ethics of non sectarianism, non political and interdependent.

To be a reliable partner taking sides with the community in implementation of needs driven community programmes for sustainable development.

A better community in which basic health, education and empowerment to every member is realized.

Innovation and Creativity

Endeavoring to cope with constant change by cultivating a culture of creating and innovation among staff and the local communities by utilizing the most modern Technology in the achievement of organization objectives.


Education is the key to a child’s future, especially for girls living in poverty. From learning the skills they need to earn money, to gaining the knowledge to protect themselves from disease or exploitation.

Immigrant Health

The program includes addressing HIV, cholera, tuberculosis, malaria, non-communicable diseases, environmental health and the human influenza pandemic, in addition to assisting health actors in managing the migration of health workers. Arrow Africa Partnership for Health and Mobility in East Africa aims to improve the management of migration health and reduce migrants’ vulnerability to HIV by responding to their health needs throughout all phases of the migration process

Women and Children Rights

Girls and women experience violence, female genital mutilation, rape, early forced marriage, death through childbirth, unpaid labour, neglect and abuse. Often they don’t get the chance to go to school, earn a living.


People with disabilities are society’s most exposed and vulnerable group. Most children with disabilities in Africa are also poor and they are therefore faced with the double jeopardy of being poor and disabled.